Mayberry Game Protective Association, Inc. strongly believes in the value of passing down the traditions of conservation, hunting, and other outdoor activities to our youth. To this end, MGPA sponsors a scholarship award to local students intending to study forestry, game management, and related fields. Participation in NRA’s Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) is available through MGPA. MGPA also sponsors the hunter’s safety course.

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NRA’s Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) provides a fun environment for kids 18 and under to improve their hunting, marksmanship, and safety skills.

Through its simulated hunting situations, live-fire exercises (bow, rifle, shotgun, and muzzleloader), educational (orienteering and animal identification), and responsibility (hunter’s safety) events, YHEC helps build upon skills learned in basic hunter education courses and encourages safer, lifelong hunting habits.

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