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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MGPA stand for?2019-04-11T16:34:15-04:00

MGPA stands for the official name of our club, which is Maryland Game Protective Association, Inc.

How do I join?2019-04-11T16:34:47-04:00

You may become a new member by asking a current member (of at least one year in good standing) to become your sponsor. You must be 18 years old and a registered voter.

Why should I join?2019-04-11T16:35:19-04:00

MGPA members are focused on and work toward conservation of natural resources; promotion of youth hunting, fishing, and shooting; and restocking and reforestation, among other interests. If you enjoy similar activities, we welcome you to apply!

What are the yearly dues/requirements for membership?2019-04-11T16:35:36-04:00

Currently, each new member is responsible for an initiation fee of $150. Each member is responsible for yearly dues of $100 (pro-rated quarterly for new members). Additionally, each member is expected to contribute 20 hours of volunteer time. There are three primary ways to achieve this: 1) volunteer at least 20 hours for work on a committee, 2) contribute to fundraising by selling raffle tickets (currently valued at 1 hr. per $25 of raffle ticket sales), or 3) a combination thereof.

What amenities does the club provide?2019-04-11T16:35:51-04:00

The club amenities include a clubhouse, outdoor recreation and camping area, pavilion, fishing pond, and shooting range.

How many members are in MGPA?2019-04-11T16:36:05-04:00

Membership is restricted to 150 plus life members.

How do I become a life member of MGPA?2019-04-11T16:37:11-04:00

There are two primary ways to gain life membership in MGPA: have 30 years continuous membership or reach age 65 with 10 years continuous membership.

Who is in charge of MGPA?2019-04-11T16:37:27-04:00

The club’s leadership includes elected officials consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and board of directors. As well, MGPA has committees which are each responsible for various events and activities. Each committee has a chairperson to oversee it.

Does MGPA hold events for the public?2019-04-11T16:37:43-04:00

Yes, MGPA holds public 5-Stand, Groundhog, Precision Rifle, Precision .22, Sporting Clays, and Still Target shooting events as well as hunter safety courses and encouraging youth participation in NRA’s Youth Hunter Education Challenge.


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