Range Rules

Mayberry Game Protective Association
Range Rules – 2017
1. All members who wish to use the rifle or pistol range must review these range rules,
complete and sign a range rules questionnaire prior to shooting at either range. The
Range Rule Questionnaire must be renewed each membership year.
2. It is essential that each member ensure the range is safe for use PRIOR to setting up on the
benches. All members are required to verify that the range is clear prior to shooting. If
there is any question you must walk downrange to verify.
3. Shooting shall occur between the hours of 9:00am to 10:00pm.
4. All range approved members must sign in UPON ARRIVAL and sign out upon departure.
Failure to sign in upon arrival or out upon departure will result in a $50.00 fine for the first
violation and possible further action by the Board of Directors.
5. All guests must be signed in and out of the range book by the member on each visit to the
range. Please enter the guests first and last name.
6. All guests must be accompanied by a range certified member for the duration of their visit.
A guest cannot be on the pistol range while you are on the rifle range or vise versa.
7. All members and guests must complete a waiver form prior to shooting for the first time
each calendar year.
8. The first member to arrive at the range is to perform the duties of Range Officer (RO) for
the duration of their stay. Before departing the RO must identify another member to
assume the RO responsibilities. RO responsibilities include enforcement of all range rules
and general observation that all safety rules are being followed.
9. Any member witnessing a range rule violation, or an unsafe shooting action must address
the situation with the perpetrator and report the incident to the President or a member of
the Board of Directors.
10. To indicate a cease fire, the orange flag and STOP sign must be presented so that it is visible
to all who approach the shooting line.
11. To indicate a “line hot” condition the orange flag and STOP sign must be removed from
being visible to all shooters.
12. The STOP sign shall be removed and laid flat on the ground when the last shooter leaves the
13. A Cease Fire is to be called every 30 minutes of active shooting unless otherwise agreed to
by all shooters present at the range.
14. Firearms are not to be handled during a cease fire.
15. All firearms must be unloaded, and actions open during a cease fire or when removed from
the firing line.
16. Everyone must use eye and ear protection on the firing line.
17. All targets must be posted to one of the target backers in front of a berm.
18. Only MGPA approved portable targets are permitted on the range. This includes portable
steel swingers, portable paper target frames, etc. The only exception to this rule is an
organized event managed by a Match Director/Range Officer. All portable targets must
be set in front of an existing berm.
19. All rounds fired must impact the berms. Any shooter that fires a round over the berm will
be removed from the range and lose their shooting privileges.
20. Do not shoot distances that you are not prepared to shoot. If you short shoot the range
and your bullet ricochets, you are responsible for where your projectile impacts.
21. All loading for muzzle loading firearms must be completed away from the firing line. Do
not load your black powder firearms at the shooting benches.
22. Each member is limited to four (4) guests at the firing line at one time.
23. Un-attended firearms should never be left at the range. Do not leave your firearms at the
range while you visit the clubhouse, the pavilion or your campsite.
Range Safety Rules – Think first. Shoot second.
1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
3. Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.